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Sarah Shipley

CEO of Shipley Communications

"I jumped at the chance to join MAC. Finding a group of fun supportive people who love adventure (all types) is hard! MAC puts "it" all in one place, no grouping by ski, run, bike, and water activities. Trip plans, packing guides, and resources are in the online portal. My favorite part of MAC is telling your adventure goals to the club. From novice to expert there is a club member who can help keep you motivated and moving. 
Adventure On!"


Henry Biggs

CEO and General Counsel at ofCourse

"Medallion is the first application I know that brings those who are striving to rare heights in a whole host of areas together to make an incredibly rich, diverse community. It gives a chance for the hiker to cheer on the ultramarathoner, for the hiker to cheer on the 5k runner, and for the 5k runner to cheer on the kayaker! This focus makes the community so so much more enjoyable - count me an uberfan!"


Groucho Marx

Celebrated club hater

"I refuse to belong to a club that will have me as a member . . . so do not look here for any kind of testimonial.”

* Not a real testimonial


Don Halpin

Executive MBA Career Coach at Olin Business School

"MAC is the only adventure community site I've found that combines adventure activities with lifestyle, travel, and more.  Most sites focus on just the outdoors or a select group of people.  MAC goes beyond those limitations viewpoint by creating a community that is about rebalancing our worlds (mind and body) so we can live our best lives possible for ourselves and those in our lives.  You will find much, much more here than just trip reports and gear discussions.  Also, MAC is not just a community - it is a fellowship where all are welcome, regardless of skills or experience.  MAC is full of events, discussions, and support.  Join, you'll be glad you did."


Kevin Perkins

WashU EMBA 45, Control Manager at Wells Fargo

"The Medallion community elevates my enthusiasm through the sharing of ideas, goals, and accomplishments.  I am humbled to belong to such an incredible group of driven individuals who aspire to get the most out of life every day, and who help others achieve and be their best."


Grigori Rasputin

Advisor to Emperors

“I do not know anything about Medallion Adventure Club, but for $50 a year … well, heck, why not give it a try? My bar bill is 3,240 rubles a night!”

* Not a real testimonial


Jane Vancil

Founder and CEO of IncentiLock

"MAC is a come-as-you-are community for anyone willing to share experiences and lessons learned. Members create their own path to personal goals and enjoy encouragement, directly or indirectly from the community. Goals can be kept private or published. It took MAC for me to realize that adventure is really a part of life-it's doing something different or doing something in a different way. MAC promotes intentional adventure, whether individual or professional. I'm excited for what comes next!"


Evan Dalton

Pizza Architect and Llama Enthusiast

"I came here to chew gum and join Medallion Adventure Club . . . and I'm all outta gum."


Dos Equis Guy

Most interesting man in the world

“I am not a Medallion member, but when I saw the adventures that members were pursuing, I thought WOW, I need to up my game!”

* Not a real testimonial