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Sarah Shipley

"Interesting people"

I jumped at the chance to join MAC. Finding a group of fun supportive...

Kevin Perkins

Elevates my enthusiasm

The Medallion community elevates my enthusiasm through the sharing...

Dos Equis Guy

"Most interesting man in the world"

I am not a Medallion member,

Don Halpin

"Be part of something "

MAC is the only adventure community site I've found that...

Chuck Grbcich

Motivates me to stay on my game

I love to read the Slack posts and see what other members are doing.

Groucho Marx

"Celebrated Club Skeptic"

I refuse to belong to a club that will have me as a...

Jane Vancil

"Come-as-you-are community"

MAC is a come-as-you-are community for anyone willing to...

Henry Biggs

"Count me an uberfan"

Medallion is the first application I know that brings those who are ...


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