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Fri, May 17


Location is TBD

Third annual Camp Innsbrook: 2024 ... The challenge continues.

Ron King - organizer: Difficulty 1 (out of 5). Join for the third annual Innsbrook weekend. Registration required - limited availability.

Third annual Camp Innsbrook:  2024 ... The challenge continues.
Third annual Camp Innsbrook:  2024 ... The challenge continues.

Time & Location

May 17, 2024, 3:00 PM CDT – May 19, 2024, 3:00 PM CDT

Location is TBD


About the event

Join us on a Medallion Club event at Innsbrook resort (50 miles west of St Louis). 

Special event for Medallion supporters. 

For those spending the weekend: Stay at Ron's chalet, or share Allyssa’s tent palace, or rent a chalet.

Saturday visitors: We will have our "adventure challenge” on Saturday.

We will divide the costs of food and beverages proportionately. Estimated cost ~$35 depending on the quality of food and beverage participants prefer.

Acknowledgements of past participation

Anand: Very likely to know the history and location of all the port in the house

Alyssa: Strong vocals and effervescent lead in Karaoke

Armando: Person with the most profound inner peace

Ashton: Ability to play darts barefoot and dance briskly when darted by friendly fire

Bill R: A statesman who can translate the complicated ranting of rouge donut eaters into clear insights

Darlene: Sees rainbows on both sunny and rainy days

Dijana: Is totally capable of leading a team destined to find a needle in a haystack

Frans: Father figure to all of us even tho he sends my emails to the clutter folder

Jennifer V: Has the ability to make conceptual connections even under the duress of a depleted bar inventory

John V: Undisputed best BBQ cook east of Kansas City

Laura: Gave Mother Teresa lessons on how to be a kind person

Michael H: Recognized as the most reliable person to captain a boat across the choppy waters of Lake Innsbrook

Rachel: Multi-processes so well that Sam Altman uses her skills as a primary input to Chat GPT

Sarah: Ability to split oak logs with a well-place karate chop

Susan: Gold medal winner for taking scenic kayak rides during the Adventure challenge

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