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Medallion Adventure Club

Interesting People doing Interesting things



MAC is for individuals who want to up their adventure game. Members can participate in a variety of member-organized trips and enrichment programs. Most importantly, members become part of a constructive community that works towards a healthy lifestyle and broadened horizons.


Why join Medallion Adventure Club

MAC helps inspire, support, and celebrate members’ adventures.


The MAC community is comprised of interesting people doing interesting things. They are deeply curious and want to explore and experience novel things. MAC is organized so you can get to know these people, and share your interesting persona.

Set goals for yourself

Each year MAC members are encouraged to set adventure goals or challenges. This provides a guide for you on your fitness journey and to help add an interest dynamic to life.

Be part of something

MAC members are reciprocal in giving and receiving support and encouragement. The community is built on mutual respect and a love of seeing others grow.


MAC is designed around the proposition that members have busy lives, enjoy different types of adventures, and are at different points in their life arc. The club meets members where they are.

Adventures motivate wellness

Members who set adventure goals are more motivated to develop on-going fitness and wellness habits. The combination of having adventure goals and being part of an encouraging community makes fitness more fun and enduring. In addition, MAC provides software that facilitates planning and monitoring progress.

Outings designed for you and by you

MAC trips are member organized and range from walks in the park to hiking in the grand Canyon. If an outing that you wish is not offered, you can organize it and introduce members to something new.

Our Goal

Help members increase wellbeing with active outdoor exploration, life-time learning, like-minded community, and healthy habit development. It is a whole-person perspective built on the proposition that adventuring happens one step at a time and when surrounded by positive influences.

People who wish to support the MAC mission can make a discretionary donation of any amount. Thank you for your consideration.

Highlighted Event



It's not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.

- Sir Edmund Hillary

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